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6 Geeky Umbrellas to Keep Your Head Dry

May 3 2012 - 9:20am

It's tempting to steer clear of venturing outside during torrential Spring and Summer showers, but these geeky umbrellas should help protect you from getting soaked. We've covered umbrellas with cool LED lights, lightsabers, and color-changing graphics to name a few — so are you ready to stop avoiding the rain?

An umbrella that literally fights the rain, the Samurai Sword Umbrella [1] ($35) is mighty cool. When it's not in use, simply place the umbrella in the carrier. No one has to know it's not a real sword!

This Color Changing Umbrella [2] ($23) contains white raindrops with hydrochromatic ink. So what's the English translation? The raindrops turn colors when wet.

Real pages from Marvel comics create the graphics for the Marvel Comics Multi Character Umbrella [3] ($21).

Stay protected from the gusty wind and rain while avoiding pedestrian collisions with the Goggles Umbrella [4] ($25). The trick is the hilarious plastic goggles window for better vision.

December isn't the only time to bust out LED lights. This Lumadot LED Umbrella [5] ($30) keeps all eyes on you with its illuminated lights.

The Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella [6] ($25) might be the only reason why you should carry a lightsaber down the street.

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