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Painless Parking: The Best 6 Apps For Driving Around Town

Jul 20 2012 - 3:18am

If you constantly find yourself searching for coins or spending your weekend cash on that ever-so-frequent parking ticket, then the solution is hiding right in your phone. Thanks to smartphones, parking doesn't have to be painful, nor does if have to feel like a guessing game. With these six apps, the ability to track spots, compare prices, and pay your rates will make running errands around town feel much less stressful.

Best Parking (Free)

The Best Parking app [1] is a search engine that steers you to the cheapest and most convenient parking options. Great for monthly parking.

Parkbud ($2)

Parkbud [2] was named the best iPhone app of year in 2011 in the navigation category. Its user-friendly interface does everything but park your car! Users can find available spots, pay for parking, track points of interest, monitor meter times, and more.

Primo Spot ($3)

Primo Spot [3] knows that not just drivers need a place to park — so do bikers! This app shows city-dwellers bike rack locations, compares the prices of street and garage parking, and helps find you hourly parking coupons to redeem.

PayByPhone (Free)

PayByPhone [4] is the leading parking payment app currently available. Users can quickly pay for parking, extend their meter, and receive text reminders. Best part? Pin your parking spot on a map and never lose your wheels again!

Pango (Free)

Pango [5] allows you to quickly pay for parking no matter where you park — even through valet. Users also have access to discounts on parking rates.

KurbKarma (Free)

Get some good parking karma, literally. KurbKarma [6] is a social networking app for connecting people who are coming and going with the best parking spots in your town. Every time you give up your spot to someone in need, you earn "KarmaKredits." These can then be redeemed for a great spot the next time you're in a rush, and circling the block isn't an option.

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