Best Piggybackr Projects

5 Inspiring "Kid-Starter" Fundraising Projects on Piggybackr

Best Piggybackr Projects

Meet the web 2.0 version of the lemonade stand: Piggybackr. The site, which publicly launched this week, is helping kids raise money for the projects, groups, organizations, and teams they're a part of. Piggybackr is like crowd-funding platform Kickstarter with a youth-friendly twist. The site offers tools and tips to fundraise successfully, fun achievement badges, and a focus on efforts rather than physical products.

Piggybackr is designed for young people at all levels of education. The site's emphasis on safety restricts the information shown about the fundraisers on their pages and restricts communication from supporters. Piggybackr has attracted quite a few ambitious youngsters already hard at work raising funds for their projects. Take a look at the five most inspiring Piggybackr projects in the gallery and, if you're feeling a little extra generous today, donate to one of their causes!


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