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Hilarious Memes That Prove Sharks Are Just Misunderstood

Jul 6 2015 - 1:25pm

Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week [1] kicks off today, so after catch up on the history of sharks in pop culture [2], check out the Internet's funniest shark memes. Bring on the side-splitting laughs!

Source: Meme Center [3]; Front Page Image Source: Tumblr user murphygrace [4]

For the Beatles Fan

Source: Tumblr user fac51-hacienda [5]

Cat Shark With Frickin' Lasers

Source: Tumblr user mortidifama [6]

MC Hammer(head)

Source: Meme Center [7]

Helpful House Shark

Source: Quickmeme [8]

Not the Fish You Were Looking For

Source: QuickMeme [9]


Source: Tumblr user Jonnavstheinternet [10]

That Would Be a Fun Appointment to Make

Source: Tumblr user jonnovstheinternet [11]

Cat Demands Shark Week Right Meow

Source: Tumblr user murphygrace [12]

Friendly Shark Is Friendly

Source: Quickmeme [13]

Smiling Shark Is Happy to See You, Human

Source: Quick Meme [14]

Derpiest Sharks

Source: Meme generator [15]

Dun Dun . . . Dun Dun . . HAY!

Source: Meme Center [16]

Don't Forget to Watch Shark Week All Week Long!

There will be LOTS of breaches.

Source: Tumblr user sharkweek [17]

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