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Best Of Sushi (And Egg?!) Gadgets

We all know the best gadgets come from Japan, so it seems natural the best food gadgets would incorporate the best Japanese food: sushi. (Yeah, I know, that's fuzzy reasoning, but I'm hungry and looking at a bunch of yummy-looking gadgets. Just stay with me!) Super star gadget makers Solid Alliance offer a selection of delicious and silly mouse and USB gadget options that are more fun than practical or geeky, but exciting nonetheless.

The rice omelet mouse (seen here) is one of those "what the heck?" - or as giggle would say WTF - items. Apparently, covered in ketchup, the plastic piece is actually a cover for your mouse, but can fit over other gadgets such as a telephone or if you are feeling really goofy, your co-workers sandwich. The sushi USB devices on the other hand, are just simple USB drives covered in faux fried goodness. For a full gallery, read more








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