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110 Geek Tips to Manage Your Life, Save Money, and Get Organized

Sep 17 2012 - 1:01pm

Need some inspiration to get organized, save some dough, or manage your ever-growing library of pics? Check out 110 of the best geek tips to help you learn all that . . . and a lot more!

Source: Flickr user joey.parsons [1]

Texting For Free

Don't pay for SMS — here, six ways you can text for free [2].

Detox Your Tech Life

Want to cut back on tech? Here's five easy ways to go on a digital diet [3].

Recycling Your Electronics

Have some old gear you need to get rid of? These seven tips for proper recycling [4] should help.

Manage Your Digital Photo Library

Make all your digital photos easy to find and accessible with these four tips [5].

Prevent Identity Theft and Crime Through WiFi

Why you shouldn't use "Public WiFi" signals [6] while on the go.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keep your kids safe from cybercrime, cyber bullying, and more with these four tips [7].

Tips For Working Remotely

Whether you're at home or the coffee shop, follow these 13 tips for telecommuting [8] to maximize work.

Reselling Your Smartphone

Upgrading your cell in 2012? Check out these 10 tips for getting the most on a resale [9].

Tips For Chrome Users

Now that Chrome is a top browser, you'll find these five tips to come in handy [10].

Simplify Your Life

Want to make things a little easier in your day-to-day? These 11 tips will help you manage your life [11].

Track Your Finances

If keeping a budget is a New Year's resolution for you, these five ways you can track your finances for free [12] should start the year off right.

Prep Your Tech For Severe Weather

Have a storm heading your way? Use these three tips to keep your gear safe [13] ahead of electrical storms, hurricanes, and more.

Save Money While Traveling

Check out these five ways tech can help you save cash [14] while traveling.

Keep Your Tech Safe in Winter Weather

Don't make the mistake of leaving your laptop in the freezing trunk! Find out what other tips you should know about keeping your gear safe in Winter [15] with these six tips.

Computer Care Tips

Make your laptop investment purchase last longer with these eight cleaning and care tips [16].

Take Great Food Photos

Getting in on the food photography trend? Check out these seven tips for mouthwatering images [17].

Battery Saving Tips For Your iPhone

Find your iPhone battery quickly running out of juice? Here are five tips for keeping your battery juiced [18].

Gallery-Worthy Instagram Pics

Turn your Instagram pics into gallery-worthy images [19] with these five tips.

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