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Best of 2012: Top Vimeo Videos of the Year

Dec 23 2012 - 10:16am

The artists on Vimeo [1] absolutely wowed us this year with beautiful moving pictures and touching stories of people around the world. The video-hosting site has a filmmaking community that you won't find on YouTube due, in part, to the support provided by Vimeo's Creator Services [2] that launched earlier this year.

We've rounded up the most compelling videos of the Vimeo bunch, so if you've got an hour (or six) to spare this holiday break, enjoy these 12 stunning, artfully crafted films.

Across the Ocean by Sundry Productions

A trip to Minamisanriku, Japan [3], reveals struggle, survival, and the resurgence of life in a town once devastated by a tsunami.

Tiny Story by Sebas & Clim

Verbs and virtues [4] are represented in animations.

The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca by Dimitris Ladopoulos

This video uncovers the artisanal craft of guitar making [5], from start to finish.

Earth by Michael König

This footage, short by the crews of International Space Station Expeditions 28 and 29, was taken from August to October 2011. The amazing time-lapse sequence includes several aurora borealis and aurora australis sightings all over the world.

Caine's Arcade by Nirvan Mullick

An ambitious 9-year-old boy [6] builds a cardboard arcade.

The Golden Triangle by Mo'Fo'

A crew of skaters and bikers [7] explore an Indian city.

The Beauty of the Irrational by The African Attachment

Ryan Sandes is a South African ultrarunner who tackles the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail [8].

UBS Stephen Wiltshire by Humble TV

Stephen Wiltshire [9] is an autistic artist who draws entire skylines from memory.

No. 3 The Beekeeper by Made by Hand

This story, the third in a series about craftsmanship, is of a local farmer who became a skilled beekeeper [10].

Matthew Shlian by Ghostly International

Matthew Shlian brings together art and engineering in the craft of paper folding [11].

Paris vs. New York by TonyMiotto

This sweet animation [12] tells a tale of two cities through illustrations of architecture, food, life, and language.

Manos, Pottery Studio by Homegrown Swedes

Pottery making is revealed to be a laborious, though beautiful, craft [13].

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