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Apps and Sites to Help You Choose Wine Wisely

May 12 2011 - 12:11pm

I admit it — I have a weakness for vino. Although I may be a wine lover, I'm far from being a wine expert. That's where technology comes in — these apps and websites are here to help you pair food and wine like a pro, give you tips on how to store it, pick the right vintage, and even list the ones you liked best so others can learn from your successes (or mistakes!). Check them out here, and prepare to get your wine on this weekend.

PairIt ($5)

This Android app [1] makes it easy to find which wine goes best with your meal or specific ingredients — there's over 20,000 wines and pairing suggestions!

Hello Vino (free)

This app [2] is packed full of recommendations! Not only can you choose your wine by food pairings, tastes, occasions, and regions, but Hello Vino also lets you choose from different price points and search for ratings and reviews. You can even post your new discoveries to Facebook and Twitter.

Wine Spectator Vintage Chart (free)

Brought to you by one of the most widely read and respected magazines on vino, the Wine Spectator Vintage Chart [3] helps you select the perfect wine, every time.

iSommelier ($1)

Just select what you'll be eating, and this app [4] will recommend the varietal that goes best with your meal. Never heard of Malbec? iSommelier also gives you background on the kind of wine, as well as tips like what temperature to serve it.

Wine Ph.D (free for Android, $5 for iPhone)

This comprehensive app [5] offers up wine pairing suggestions, varietals, vintage, a glossary of terms, and ratings from other users.

Snooth (free)

Snooth [6] is a social network designed around users reviewing and suggesting wines to other users. I entered in ratings right away for 2 Buck Chuck, and Snooth recognized that I'm a cheap wine lover, and duly recommended me a big long list of under-$20 bottles!

Wine Snob ($2)

This app [7] lets you record your tasting notes, where you were when you drank it, even list prices, varietal, vintage, and more. You can even tweet or post your new faves to Facebook!

Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings (Free)

This free iPhone app [8] I came across online [9] allows you to scan the barcode of thousands of wines from hundreds of liquor stores across the country and get wine tasting notes, scores, prices, recipes, food pairings, even check in-stock bottle numbers at stores near you.

Cellar Key

Coming soon to a wine bottle near you, Cellar Key [10] is bringing together smartphones, QR codes, and wine, and gives you an in-depth look into where your wine comes from. Scan the QR code on the wine tag with your phone, and Cellar Key will bring up tasting and vintage notes from the winemaker, reviews, pairings, recipes, and even videos of the winery itself so you can make an informed decision on the vino you're about to take home.

Snap a Pic!

Don't have an app, but want to remember the amazing wine you drank while out to dinner? Remember this tip [11]: just snap a pic with your cell, and stock up the next time you're at your local wine shop!

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