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Over 50 Colorful New iPhone Cases For Spring!

Apr 23 2014 - 9:18am

There are so many reasons to celebrate springtime: warmer days, Spring break, fresh blooms, and brand-new tech protection for your iPhone. Refresh your smartphone for the new season with bright colors and radiant hues — it's the easiest (and most inexpensive) way to make an old gadget feel like new again. Check out a few (or 56) of our picks for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c in the gallery!

Belkin x Tracy Reese

This expressive floral case [1] ($35) for iPhone 5/5s from Tracy Reese [2]'s exclusive collection for Belkin [3] has a gorgeous flower pattern.

Belkin x Tracy Reese

Belkin [4] recently teamed up with the American fashion designer to create a line of graphic smartphone cases with exclusive prints. This pretty cobalt brocade [5] case for iPhone 5 and 5s ($30) is made of hard polycarbonate and offers formfitting design.

Belkin x Tracy Reese

This mustard yellow case [6] ($35) offers a milder take on Tracy Reese [7]'s graphic floral prints.

Belkin x Tracy Reese

We can't take our eyes off of this superchic black and white floral graphic [8] ($35) by Tracy Reese [9] for Belkin [10].

Belkin x Tracy Reese

This fuchsia foulard case [11] ($30) from the Belkin [12]/Tracy Reese collaboration is fun and flirty.

Lace iPhone 5/5c Case

The intricate Lace iPhone 5c [13] case ($36) from Rifle Paper Co. complements the phone's color perfectly. There's also a 5/5s version [14].

Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 Case

Say hello to the day with this bright and positive Sunshine iPhone 5/5s [15] case ($36) from Rifle Paper Co.

Tres Belle iPhone 5 Case

Garance Doré and Rifle Paper Co. teamed up to create this chic Tres Belle [16] case for iPhone 5/5s ($38).

CLIC Wooden iPhone 5 Case

Native Union's Wooden iPhone Case [17] ($40) in Jade adds a pop of color to the soft, natural look of wood.

Café Scene iPhone 5 Case

Kate Spade [18]'s Café Scene iPhone 5 Case [19] ($40) makes us want to get brunch with our girlfriends.

Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case

Say hello to Spring and sunshine by protecting your iPhone 5 in a gold Kate Spade case [20] ($40).

Leather iPhone 4 Case

J.Crew [21]'s Leather iPhone 4 Case [22] ($30) in peach almond is minimalist, but makes a statement.

You Got It Dude iPhone 5 Case

This You Got It Dude [23] iPhone 5 case ($16) is both pretty and inspirational!

Tory Burch iPhone 5 Case

Spring florals are peachy keen on this Tory Burch iPhone 5 case [24] ($65).

Chintz iPhone 5 Case

The old-timey feel of this Chintz iPhone Case [25] ($16) makes our new tech feel nostalgic.

Painted Wood iPhone 5 Case

The chevrons on this Painted Wood iPhone Case [26] ($40) are so retro cool!

Purple Kaleidoscope iPhone 5 Case

The Poppin Purple Kaleidoscope iPhone 5 Case [27] ($15) has awesome '70s geometric vibes.

Bella iPhone 5 Case

Get out your sun hats, ladies. This Kate Spade Bella Case [28] ($40) puts us in the mood for Spring break.

Pressed Viola iPhone 5 Case

What's more springtime than flowers? This Viola iPhone Case [29] ($48) has beautiful pressed blooms trapped inside.

Bow iPhone 5 Case

The adorable bow on Kate Spade's Pocket Silicone Case [30] ($35) doubles as a keepsake [31] for credit cards and IDs.

Bougainvillea iPhone 5 Case

Flowers are in full bloom in Kate Spade [32]'s Bougainvillea Resin Case [33] ($40) for iPhone 5.

Sparkle Lemon iPhone 5 Case

When life gives you lemons, sparkle like this yellow Kate Spade resin case [34] ($45) for iPhone 5.

Geometric iPhone 5 Case

Kate Spade [35]'s Gio Geometric Case [36] ($40) for iPhone 5 has an unkempt triangle pattern with a funky yet refined look.

Shiny Printed Case

A pretty floral pattern peeks out of the polka-dot pattern on this J.Crew Shiny Printed Case [37] for iPhone 5/5s ($25).

Deconstructed iPhone 4 and 5 Case

The Deconstructed iPhone case [38] ($35) by Anthony Davis has an eye-popping design.

Aztec Print iPhone 4/5 Case

Dawn Gardner's DG Aztec No. 2 [39] ($35) print for iPhone 4 and 5 is rocking a warm, earthy vibe.

Red Skate Deck iPhone 4 Case

The wheels on the Red Skate Deck [40] ($45) for iPhone 4 double as a stand.

Blue Streaks iPhone 4 and 5 Case

This Blue Streaks [41] ($35) case for iPhone 4 and 5 has tons of pretty little patterns.

Plank iPhone 4 Case

The Switcheasy Avant-Garde Plank iPhone 4/4S series [42] ($35) also comes in a wood-grain design.

Venice iPhone 4 Case

The Tech Candy Venice [43] ($33) case for iPhone 4 has a victorian feel.

Cracker iPhone 4 Case

You'll definitely fool onlookers with the Cracker [44] ($35) case for iPhone 4.

Orange Diamond iPhone 4 Case

Shine bright like an Orange Diamond [45] ($35) case for iPhone 4.

Aztec iPhone 4 and 5 Case

Get on the trendy triangle train with Dawn Gardner's DG Aztec No. 1 [46] ($35) case for iPhone 4 and 5.

Skate Deck iPhone 4/4S Case

The Black Skate Deck [47] ($45) case for iPhone 4 is an Opening Cermony exclusive collaboration with Candies.

Happy Day iPhone 4 Case

Put a smile on your smartphone with the Tech Candy Happy Day [48] ($27) for iPhone 4.

Clockwork iPhone 4 Case

The subtle Switcheasy Avant-Garde Clockwork [49] ($35) case for iPhone 4 has an amazing three-dimensional design close-up.

Colorways iPhone 4 Case

Snap on this three-piece Case-Mate Colorways case [50] ($20) for a cool kaleidoscopic look.

Hex iPhone 5/5S Wallet Case

The sophisticated Hex Code [51] ($50) case for iPhone 5/5S doubles as a wallet.

Bordeaux iPhone 4 Case

Sport some Victorian flair with the Bordeaux iPhone 4/4S case [52] ($33).

Studs iPhone 4 Case

The Square Studs [53] ($35) case for iPhone 4 sharpens those round corners.

Lady Gaga iPhone 4 Case

The Distortion case [54] ($30) was inspired by Lady Gaga [55].

Casetagram Custome Case

Show off your own springtime snaps on a Casetagram custom case [56] ($35).

Pattern iPhone 5 Case

The illustrations on this Pattern iPhone 4/4S case [57] ($35) have a handmade feel.

Chateau iPhone 4/4S Case

Look at all the details on the Switcheasy Chateau iPhone 4/4S [58] ($35) case.

Ikat iPhone 4S and 4 Case

The Ikat Collection [59] ($28 each) for iPhone 4S or 5 is so exotic and bold.

Ananda iPhone 4 Case

This Ananda [60] ($35) case for iPhone 4/4S has lovely modern, abstract blooming flower shapes.

Four Leaf Clover iPhone 4/4S Case

Celebrate St. Patty's Day all season long with this A Little Luck [61] ($35) case for iPhone 4/4S.

Gemstone iPhone 4 and 5 Case

The Gemstone Collection [62] ($29 each) for iPhone 4 or 5 shines bright like diamonds in the sk(iPhone). Surely, Rihanna-approved.

Cairo iPhone 5 Case

The Cairo three-piece set [63] ($33) for iPhone 5 is fit for Cleopatra.

Watercolor iPhone 4 and 5 Case

Pick this painterly Watercolor [64] ($40) case for iPhone 4 or 5.

Blooming iPhone 5 Case

The flower-powered Blooming iPhone 5 Case Set [65] ($33) has serious '70s style.

Freedom iPhone 5 Case

Stephan Roux's high-flying photograph is so calming on the Freedom [66] ($40) iPhone 5 case.

Arrow iPhone 4S/5 Case

Pencil Shavings Studio's fun Arrow Collection [67] ($40 each) for iPhone 4S or 5 offers six different colors.

Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case

The L'Aventura Stripe Pocket Silicone Case [68] ($24) is ready for a preppy weekend trip to wine country.

Switcheasy iPhone 4/4S Case

Run your fingers over the three-dimensional floral design on the Switcheasy Avant-Garde Blossom iPhone 4/4S series [69] ($35).

Milly iPhone 5 Case

The fun, starburst pattern on this Milly iPhone 5 Case [70] ($40) offers a mod take on florals.

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