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Bevy Shuffle Case - Also A Bottle Opener And Keychain

Mophie's new novelty iPod case, The Bevy is the first accessory to be released from its much talked about Illuminator project and chances are, every beer adoring shuffle lover is gonna need one. Made of clear polycarbonate with a stainless steel insert, The Bevy was designed to make the tiny second generation shuffle a little more functional. It has special grooves to wrap your headphones, is a keychain and best of all will open your favorite beer or, if you're underage, exotic bottled soda.

The design of The Bevy, which is known as the Illuminator project, was created at the Mophie booth at this year's Macworld. Apparently, over the four-day period the 30,000 plus attendees were invited to doodle a product concept that enhanced any of the new apple products. The winning design was created by Jared Fiovorich, a 17-year-old student and skateboarder from Santa Cruz, California. While Fiovorich may be too young to legally enjoy some of the case's features, something tells me it's just kitschy enough to be a hit (or is that "key-schy?). You can get your own in green, blue, pink, orange or silver for $15. For a gallery of The Bevy in action, read more











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