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Binary Button-Down Has Me Doing the Math For Shipping + Tax

Yesterday I introduced you to the geeky clothing line Rhombus, and because I was so caught up in the presentation of nerd courtship, I didn't get to highlight any of the individual pieces. Something I couldn't resist showing you was something truly geeky, but in such an undercover way that it's not like wearing a message T and bashing people over the head with it: The James dress shirt in binary (it's in Flash, so just navigate to the women's section in the online store).

Other binary apparel can be sort of geek in the unglamorous way, what with t-shirts that make you wear your hobbies on your sleeve, literally. I love a good button-down, and for one in subtle binary code, it's already got me sold. The only thing I'd be worried about is fellow male geeks staring — they've got the perfect excuse: "I'm trying to read your shirt." Sure you are, buddy.

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