Black Eyed Peas Geeky Live Costumes

The Black Eyed Peas' Geeky Stage Costume Evolution

Ka-Pow at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

Though you may not recognize it at first, truth is, the Black Eyed Peas are pretty geeky. Their live shows are packed with geek and tech culture references — from a real-life Tron lightcycle, to DJing in a very Iron Man-like suit — and front man,, even has his own digital media company. His first release is the BEP360 app, which lets users get a full 360-degree view of the Peas in one of their music videos.

And while you can interact with the group on stage via BBM at one of their live shows, their costumes are something any geek would be proud to wear. Check out their techy style evolution in this slideshow!

Source: Getty

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