BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360, 9370 Details

What's the Difference Between the Three New BlackBerry Curve Models?

What's the Difference Between the Three New BlackBerry Curve Models?

RIM announced three new BlackBerry Curve models today — the 9350, 9360, and 9370. All come with sleek and slim bodies, but they are virtually identical (save a few small tweaks in battery life and storage capacity). Check out the differences of the new trio of BlackBerry Curves below!

Specs They Share in Common
All three Curve models are super slim, coming in at just .43 inches thick and just a hair under 3.5 ounces with a 2.44-inch display and 800mhz processor. Just as a comparison, most of the Android phones you know and love these days are being stocked with 1Ghz processors and above. (Some of which are dual core, like the Droid X2), which make them lightning fast so you can expect these Curves to be a little on the slower side. Good news is that they all come with with the new BlackBerry 7 OS, a 5MP camera with flash and some other cool camera features like face detection, image stabilization, and geo-tagging. Video isn't going to be all that great, though, since it records at VGA standards (640x480). Additionally, all three of the 9300 series phones will come with NFC technology for mobile payments on the go.

Where They're Different
All of the new BlackBerry Curve models come with up to 5.5 hours of talk time, but the Curve 9350 has the most standby time (14.5 days) and media playback time — 45 hours of music and 9 hours of video. It seems that the 9360 has the least battery life of all three models, so if you're planning on playing a lot of music and videos, you might want to go with the 9350. Additionally, (not that I think this will be a dealbreaker) all three models are compatible with a number of music, video, and photo formats, but the 9350 and 9370 can also play .qpc audio formats, which are generally used for unique ring tones and voice recording. Finally, the 9370 has the most storage, coming with 1GB of on-board and expandable up to 32GB MicroSD. The 9350 and 9360 trail slightly behind at 512MB of on-board, expandable up to 32GB MicroSD. All three phones have 512MB of RAM.

Now that you know the (very minor) differences, get a closer look at the devices in the slideshow!