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Geek Tip: Socialize Your Finances on Twitter With Blippy

I have to admit, some of my geeky friends just don't get Twitter. They either don't understand what it's good for or they think that it opens a window into their personal world that they'd rather keep closed. Me? Well obviously, I'm all over Twitter, so you can imagine that I'd hop on to Blippy, which publishes your credit card purchases to your Twitter account automatically while you're at the checkout counter.

Blippy makes it easy to share your likes and dislikes with your friends and followers. Buy a hot new album off of iTunes? Your followers may find it worthy to add to their own collections, since purchases from iTunes and Amazon are outlined in the tweet. Snatch up a great deal on a GPS via Amazon? Well, you get the picture. To hear more about Blippy, just


At first, yes, I was a little worried that posting so much info on Twitter would lead to trouble. As if people would be able to track me down at Best Buy as I loaded up my new surround sound system in my car or, in the most extreme case, maybe even steal my identity. But rest assured, these worries aren't really warranted, especially if you keep your passwords hacker-proof. Blippy allows you to designate one credit (or debit) card as your "Blippy card," so if you have some, ahem, personal purchases you need to make, it won't be made public to your massive Twitter following. Plus, you can still give some guidelines on what is shown.

If nothing else, using Blippy will really keep you on your financial toes. Much like how Tweet What You Eat makes you reconsider putting that cookie in your mouth, Blippy keeps you accountable for your money, since you can't really lie and say you didn't buy something if it's posted in your stream, now can you? Blippy is currently in private beta, but I got my hands on a few beta codes just for GeekSugar readers! If you'd like to check it out, the first 100 readers to enter the code GeekSugar2010 can sign up and start swiping that credit card.

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mek123 mek123 6 years
kscincotta kscincotta 6 years
I would be really worried about large purchases being made public that could then alert criminals that my place would be worth hitting up. And some people don't have multiple cards with significant limits, so they wouldn't have the option of just putting it on another card. Totally a terrible idea.
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 6 years
Anyhow.. I agree with the first commentor. Seems like the stupidest idea to me. You give ideas to thiefs how money you got, how much you spend and that. Not for me. Sorry.
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