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Bottle Cap Tripods: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Bottle Cap Tripods: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

As a dedicated Gorillapod user, I really don't need a bottle-cap tripod, but I feel like I'm seeing them everywhere lately, and they seem like they'd make a great gift for my friends who appraise my Gorillapod as "neat," but I can tell they're totally thinking it's a nerd-core item to own.

But here's the thing — novel and convenient, bottle-cap tripods, like this one, seem like a good idea, but all I can see is this: You're at a bar with it set up to take your pic, when a sauced jughead stumbles by and nudges it — orrrr, say you accidentally chose a bottle that wasn't full enough to balance the weight of the camera and AAAAGH! The slow mo in my head of a digital camera sailing to the ground makes me want to cry right now.

What's your take on these? Do they spell trouble to you like they do me?

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