Unless you're a real Mac fanatic, or have taken a trip to the UK lately, you probably haven't seen the new UK "Get A Mac" ads, which seem to be stirring up some controversy for how they portray PC users. Says Macworld UK: "These include ‘Naughty Step’ where PC suggests that doing fun stuff should be punishable; ‘Magic’ where PC exchanges a file with Mac to much funfair; and ‘Court’ which examines how easy it is to make a photo book." Seen here, a US Mac ad and a UK Mac ad, side-by-side.

According to the Macworld article, YouGov's BrandIndex indicated that the public’s opinion of Apple has been less favorable since the ads began to air in the UK. Apparently, people think the British Mac character has given the impression that Mac users are "too smug." Check out more "smug" images below, read more

I think part of the charm of the Mac ads is the fact that the Mac is a bit smug and snarky, but maybe that's just me. Anyone think they are offensive enough to "change your favor?"

For an even more "smug" look at the ads, check out this funny mash up of the British and US ads.