Brock Davis Photography

The Whimsical iPhoneography of Artist Brock Davis

The Whimsical iPhoneography of Artist Brock Davis

Mixed media artist Brock Davis's latest project, 2012 iPhone Photos, captured with no more than a mobile phone, transports audiences to a world of everyday oddities within fantastical environments. The recent Instagram privacy snafu had users up in arms about the photo-sharing network, but we can't deny that Instagram is an incredible platform that elevates creative photography to new heights.

In a 2009 interview, Brock said that his work is driven by "a strong idea and simple execution," an artistic outlook that certainly lends itself to Instagram's straightforward square-shaped medium. 2012 iPhone Photos proves that great photography isn't about fancy equipment — it's about a little imagination.

The Minneapolis-based artist is inspirational and geek-approved (his dog's name is Zelda). We've picked 12 of our favorite Instagram snaps from the project that exceed what we've previously seen in this genre of quick mobile photography, but if you're itching for more, head over to Brock's portfolio or Behance profile.


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