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California May Ditch Textbooks and Go Digital

eBooks as Textbooks: What's Your Take?

If you haven't heard, California's economy is pretty much in the crapper. Billions of dollars in the red, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to technology and digital solutions to save money. One way he thinks the state can cut costs is using digital forms of textbooks rather than investing in and assigning the standard paper bound book that we're all used to.

Although I like the idea for more than one reason (it's more eco-friendly than printing up millions of pages worth of text, and you wouldn't have to lug around your school books everywhere), it isn't quite coming together for me. Sure, digital text books would be amazing, but who's going to provide the eReaders? Will the State of California buddy up with Amazon to furnish a Kindle to every student, or will they just reside online? Additionally, what about those families that don't have computers? There's a lot of questions to be answered, but while the state is ironing out the details, what's your take on textbooks going digital?

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