Camera Day June 29

Happy Camera Day: Submit Your Own Images to Our Cool Capture Group!

Camera Day June 29

Happy Camera Day! We never pass up the chance to partake in a geeky holiday, so there's no better time than the present to pack along your camera and snap some photos during your lunch hour, your commute, or whenever the moment strikes. If you do get out and about with your favorite camera, be sure to upload your images to our Cool Capture group and share the following:

  • Where the shot was taken
  • The camera you used
  • Any tips you can share on how to get the right shot, and/or tricks you used during the editing process.

Here's a detailed guide to posting to groups if you're new to the PopSugar Community. Be sure to stay tuned for lots of camera coverage today on GeekSugar, but until then, enjoy this slideshow of inspiring images already posted in the Cool Capture group!