Can You Believe It? I Just Got An iPhone!

Okay, so I didn't - I just had to take my shot at the cheapest April Fools' joke of the year. I can move on now. One thing is for certain, geeks love April Fools' Day and pranks. On April 1, 2003 CNN reported that Bill Gates had been assassinated. This news quickly spread, infiltrating Chinese and South Korean websites and had people freaking out everywhere. Not too many people found this joke funny, as 1.5 percent was wiped off Microsoft's stockmarket shares. Beware as today your e-mail inbox might be bombarded with spam and potential viruses. Try not to open or download anything that looks suspicious and be very cautious about sending out personal information like credit card information through email. It's not that there is any one particular scam you should be worried about, just that it's one of those days where scams seem more likely than usual.
If you want to pull some harmless yet hilarious computer pranks this year, go to downloadable computer pranks or April Fool Zone where you'll find lots of great computer and online hoaxes. RJL Software also has a Fool's Tools CD-ROM collection which is packed full of hilarious computer tricks, like Mouse Mayhem and the add/remove programs prank which opens a fake window to trick the user into thinking all of their programs are being uninstalled. There might be some limitations as to how far you can go with advanced antivirus programs, but they're still worth a try!

For a good laugh, have a peek at these office prank photos. Now don't get any ideas!

April Fools 8

April Fools 7

April Fools 6

April Fools 5

April Fools 4

April Fools 3

April Fools 1