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Carmen Sandiego Computer Game

Vintage Geek: What I Learned From '80s Computer Games

It was a gorgeous weekend here in San Francisco, so I took advantage of it to go on a night walk with some friends. We started talking about how Jupiter was the closest to Earth in 50 years (if you noticed a bright star close to the moon last week, that was it!) and how you could see four of Jupiter's moons with just binoculars. I realized that everything I knew about these moons was straight from one of my top geeky computer games of yesteryear — Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?

That feisty fugitive taught me a lot of facts about space, not least of which are that Io looks like a pizza and that Europa is a frozen ball of ice with water underneath. Who knew that while I was chasing all those V.I.L.E henchmen around I'd actually retain the information years later?

So, fellow Carmen Sandiego fans, which game was your favorite? Where in Time? Where in the World? Or did you have another go-to geeky computer game?

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Photo source: Moby Games

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Ghostgirl Ghostgirl 5 years
Oh I loved "Where in Time is Carmen San Diego?" and all of the previous incarnations. I played it so much half the time I didn't need the encyclopedia to look up the answers to things :D
Akasha Akasha 5 years
Where in the World was my favorite. My mom had just moved me across the country and I didn't know anyone in my new town. I essentially spent half the summer playing Where in the World and knew more about country flags, currency, population, art and national products than any 12 year old around. I actually finished the game and captured Ms. Sandiego three times. When my mom moved a couple of years ago I found those beloved 5" floppies, and the extremely dogeared almanac that came with it. I think I need an updated version of the game, with various levels so adults can play. There has to be someone, other than me, who would prefer this game to Halo.
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