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Meet Carousel, Dropbox's New Home For Your and Your Friends' Photos

Apr 9 2014 - 1:35pm

Yeah, we know, your digital photo life is a mess [1] with shared pictures on Facebook, hundreds of candids on your phone, a hard drive of who knows what, and then that closet shelf full of printed photos from . . . sometime in your history. As of today, Dropbox hopes to be the solution to streamlining the many locations where memories live with its new app, Carousel [2] (free, iOS and Android).

Dropbox wants Carousel to be the timeline (sorry, Facebook) of your entire life as seen in photos and videos. The app doesn't come with a pinch of magic, though; you'll still need to digitize old printed photos and upload them to Carousel for it to truly be the one place for your memories. But once Carousel is installed in your phone, it will automatically sync every picture taken on the phone, along with any photos residing in your Dropbox account. You can then scroll through your photos or use the timeline feature at the bottom of the app to quickly access photos by year.

Carousel incorporates all your Dropbox account info like the contacts you frequently share with and any photo folders already created, as well as your plan's storage limits. Photo sharing is how Carousel distinguishes itself from other photo storage solutions. Tap hundreds of photos while scrolling through Carousel, and share them with friends and family via their email or phone number, along with messages.

Photos from friends will also appear as easily as you send them. When a photo from a friend lands in your Carousel, you can opt to simply view it or save it to your Carousel (which will be counted toward your Dropbox storage limits) with a tap.

Can Carousel replace email or a social network for sharing photos with friends? Take a closer look at the app here.

Source: Dropbox [3]

Share photos to multiple friends at once.

Source: Dropbox [4]

Save friends' photos to your Carousel, or just view in full resolution.

Source: Dropbox [5]

Swipe down to hide auto-uploaded photos.

Source: Dropbox [6]

Photos of people will appear larger in your Carousel.

Source: Dropbox [7]

Select hundreds of photos to share at once.

Source: Dropbox [8]

Scroll quickly through photos with the bottom dateline.

Source: Dropbox [9]

Swipe photos to the top bar to share.

Source: Dropbox [10]

Send photos and messages to multiple friends.

Source: Dropbox [11]

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