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Decoding the Mysteries of Internet Cat Speak

Jan 15 2015 - 6:46am

The Internet is the playground of crazy cat people. I know this all too well as I have an Instagram alter ego . . . for my cat. There, I was inducted to the world of made-up cat terms that only a select few (cat-obsessed web citizens) know. Read on to "educat" yourself about all the hashtags and insider cat terms you may have come across online.

Source: Instagram user sushikitti [1]


To drink in the cuteness of an adorable object, animal, or thing. Most commonly used for animals and often referred to as the act of inhaling the cuteness through the belly.

My cat's so cute — I just want to snorgle him up!

Source: Instagram user misterandtiny [2]


CCL is the abbreviation for crazy cat lady and is often used as a hashtag.

Whoa, your cat has its own instagram? That's some next-level CCL sh*t.

Source: Instagram user angieinjanuary [3]


The female human owner of the cat. Also known as crazy cat lady.

I'm the best humom ever!

Source: Instagram user homer_le_chat [4]

Jelly Bean Toes

The little footpads on a cat's paw. They are so shiny, small, and round that they look just like jelly beans.

O-M-Gee! Look at dem jelly bean toez!

Source: Instagram user balticsunrise [5]

Bunny Feet

Fluffy cat feet. Many cats have feet that look similar to bunny feet and kick in a similar manner — hence the nickname "bunny feet."

Aw, those bunny feet get me all the time!

Source: Instagram user sushikitti [6]


When a cat is wrapped in a piece of cloth and looks like a burrito.

I think I found some fur in my purrito.

Source: Instagram user lilmegy [7]


Cat talk for Saturday.

Let's hear it for Caturday!

Source: Instagram user calico_evie [8]

Taco Tongue Tuesday

The day the Internet designated to celebrating the tongues of cute fuzzy creatures. #tacotonguetuesday is a popular hashtag among cat lovers.

Tongues out for #tacotonguetuesday.

Source: Instagram user squish_n_duffy [9]

Water Beard

A water beard is formed when cats dip their heads into water to drink and dampen the area right below their mouths.

Dang, my kitty's sporting a serious water beard.

Source: Instagram user exotic_eric [10]

Making Muffins

When a cat is making muffins, he is kneading something with his paws. This behavior stems from his kitten years, when he was massaging to stimulate more breast milk from his mom. Making muffins is also known as "smurgling."

My kitty is making muffins on me. I think I'm in heaven!

Source: Instagram user ashleyelaine56 [11]


A foolish or clumsy cat. Often used to describe the expression on a cat's face.

What a derpy cat!

Source: Instagram user smudgethekitty [12]


Your cat is your baby, so he's your furbaby. Duh.

I can snuggle with my furbaby forever.

Source: Instagram user byrne_unit [13]

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