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Remember When All These Celebrities Loved Their Sidekicks?

Aug 28 2014 - 8:09am

We would never ever say that tech in the 2000s was better than tech in the '90s [1]. But if there's anything that could possibly change our minds, it's photos of celebrities rocking throwback gadgets from the age of Juicy Couture sweatsuits and trucker hats [2]. Because looking back, they're the ones who made those Pink Razrs to the T-Mobile Sidekicks (RIP) look so cool. In case you forgot, these 15 photos will give you a hilarious trip down memory lane.

Paris Hilton [3] + pink MotoRAZR + 2006 = your youth.

Aww! Lindsay Lohan [4] looks like a BABY sporting her iRiver MP3 Player in 2003.

Avril Lavigne [5] thinks, "IDGAF about this Joybee 102R MP3 Player," in 2004.

Anyone surprised Fergie [6] had a bedazzled T-Mobile Sidekick II? No.

Rare smiling Kanye West [7] sighting. In 2005. Thanks to iPod.

It's 2004, and a tan Nicole Ritchie can't wait to eat her rhinestone-covered T-Mobile Sidekick II.

Neither can a more grown-up Lindsay Lohan [8].

Ahh, Keira Knightley [9] wanted to bite her tech, too. Make it stop.

Remember when Jay Z designed a limited-edition line of Audemars Piguet watches and iPods in 2005? Neither do we. But P. Diddy [10] probably does.

If we bring the River MP3 player back, can Nick Lachey [11] and Jessica Simpson [12] come back together, too?

Don't you ever question the love Ice Cube had for the iRiver MP3.

Joel Madden [13] solidly repping the T-Mobile Sidekick — with Fergie [14], duh.

"Princess" Ashanti probably wrote a secret ballad about the Juice Box MP3 Player she loved so much.

How much do you think that iPod would sell for now just because John Krasinski [15] touched it in 2005?

And finally, Jennifer Love Hewitt [16] loved her T-Mobile phone so, so, so, so, soooo much.

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