Not all celebs are obsessed with Twitter, upgrading to the latest gadget, and letting their kids play with iPads. Some don't even own cell phones — crazy, I know. Working in the business you'd think that celebs need to stay connected, but that doesn't always seem to be the case. Think you can guess the celebrity Luddites?

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Which of these celebs recently admitted to not being on Facebook?
Adam Sandler
Jesse Eisenberg
Ashton Kutcher
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Which actress stays off of the Internet and could do without autocorrect?
Selma Blair
Natalie Portman
Winona Ryder
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Who admitted to needing help when it came to turning on a computer?
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jessica Biel
Angelina Jolie
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Which actor once said that he doesn't own a cell phone?
Adrian Grenier
Vince Vaughn
Christian Bale
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What actress confesses to not owning a TV and being "really bad at email"?
Reese Witherspoon
Tilda Swan
Rachel McAdams
Photos of Olivia Munn on Set
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