Celebrities With Their iPhones

Guess the Celeb iPhone Owners

After my Match the Celeb With the Cell Phone Super Quiz, this mini iPhone test should be a breeze! Not everyone in Hollywood has a BlackBerry Bold — there are some iPhone users too! Take my quiz to see if you've been paying attention to who has what in Tinseltown. Good luck!

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Who not only uses her iPhone to make calls, but to listen to tunes as well?
Kirsten Dunst
Cameron Diaz
Katherine Heigl
Heather Locklear
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This celeb still has a first generation iPhone. Do you know who it is?
Queen Latifah
Jennifer Hudson
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Guess who was rockin' a brand new iPhone 3G as soon as they were released?
Hilary Duff
Hayden Panettiere
Reese Witherspoon
Jessica Simpson
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This famous guy was spotted taking some pictures with his iPhone. Do you know who it is?
John Mayer
Ashton Kutcher
Orlando Bloom
Jake Gyllenhaal
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It looks like this famous female matched her wardrobe to her iPhone! Any idea who it is?
Kate Bosworth
Nicole Richie
Sienna Miller
Heidi Montag
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Guess the girl juggling her water bottle and iPhone in one hand?
Audrina Patridge
Megan Fox
Kristen Stewart
Vanessa Hudgens
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This lovely lady couldn't help but check her iPhone on the red carpet. Any idea who it is?
Christina Aguilera
Mischa Barton
Reese Witherspoon
Carrie Underwood
Guess Who? 2009-03-25 17:23:39
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