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Celebrity Tech Guess Who! 2010-05-23 14:00:23

Match the Celeb With the Gadget!

Get ready — it's time to play!

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Guess who's toting her new iPad?
Eva Longoria
Jennifer Garner
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Guess who's making a call?
Ryan Phillippe
Zac Efron
Chace Crawford
Ryan Reynolds
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Guess who's carrying a pink cell?
Lindsay Lohan
Ashlee Simpson
Kristen Stewart
Megan Fox
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Guess who's posing for a self-portrait?
Blake Lively and Tim Robbins
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner
Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane
Kate Hudson and John Krasinski
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Guess who else has an iPad?
Reese Witherspoon
Hilary Duff
Kristen Bell
Drew Barrymore
Celebrity Tech Guess Who! 2010-05-16 14:00:13
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