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Celebrity Tech Quiz 2010-11-14 14:00:50

Match the Celeb With the Gadget!

Ready to play? Let's go!

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Guess who's carrying her white BlackBerry on set?
Olivia Wilde
Amanda Seyfried
Megan Fox
Ashley Greene
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Guess who's toting a new iPhone 4?
Robert Pattinson
Gerard Butler
Ryan Gosling
Jake Gyllenhaal
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Guess who's got an iPad?
Kelly Osbourne
Ashlee Simpson
Catherine Heigl
Lady Gaga
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Guess who is out and about with his iPhone 4?
Jeremy Piven
Jon Hamm
Keanu Reeves
Dave Matthews
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Who's listening to tunes on his iPhone 4?
Ryan Phillippe
Kellan Lutz
Channing Tatum
Ryan Kwanten
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