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The 20 Stages of Your Life With Cell Phones

Mar 10 2016 - 10:45am

Blink your eyes these days, and it seems like a new smartphone [1] has come out. And while that's great and all, sometimes we miss the simpler times. Like when you'd play Snake in class, trying not to get caught. Get ready to relive some of that cell phone nostalgia because, well, why not? In three, two, one . . .

Source: Getty/Jun Sato [2]

It All Started With a Pager When You Were Around 12 Years Old

Because, obviously, beepers were the equivalent of cell phones back then.

You Would Send Your Friends Pages Like "143"

But Then You Finally Convinced Mom and Dad to Upgrade to a Cell

You Called Anyone and Everyone Who Would Talk

"Pick up, pick up!"

You Snuck Your Phone Out in Class to Play Snake

After School, It Was All About the Flirting

Source: Bravo [3]

And Gossiping Strictly From Your Cell So Mom Couldn't Snoop on the Landline

Source: Bravo [4]

You Went From a Nokia 6000 to a Razr to a Sidekick Like, Whoa

Source: MTV [5]

And Lost Your Sh*t When You Discovered Phones Could Take Pictures, Too

Source: WWE [6]

. . . And Record Videos

You Hated Vacations Because It Meant International Fees Mom Refused to Pay

Source: E! [7]

And Dad Declared Dinnertime a Cell-Phones-Free Zone

You Were Constantly Losing Your Cell and Asking People to Send You Their Numbers Again

Source: Tumblr user AbandonedByYou [8]

Your Parents Asked You For Your Friends' Numbers For Safety Reasons

One Day, Smartphones Came Out Like, Bam!

You Thought BBM Was Sooo Cool

Source: Blackberry [9]

Then Touchscreen Phones Debuted and Typing on Them Made You Feel Like an Infant

Source: YouTube user Kameliadamen [10]

And You Hated How Much Battery Power They Sucked Up

Source: Reddit user ROUND_TWO [11]

But It Was OK Because You Could Still Play Games and Text and Web Browse Like Crazy

And Somehow You Totally Forgot What Life Was Ever Like With Just a Beeper

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