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Cell Phones and Restaurants Don't Mix . . . or Do They?

Cell Phones and Restaurants Don't Mix . . . or Do They?

A recent blog post by a San Francisco restaurant critic raised some lively debate over whether or not it's OK to put your cell phone on the table next to you at a restaurant. Many find the practice rude, or at the very least, obtrusive when servers are unable to place plates on the table because of too many gadgets. And while most Yum readers called the practice a "don't," I'm curious what you think. Is there ever an appropriate time to leave your phone on the table when dining out? I think if you're at a restaurant to enjoying a meal with someone else, gadgets should stay off the table, but a bar or other social situation might call for different etiquette. Even better, how about adding coat-check style charging stations at restaurants to eliminate the problem all together? That's an idea I could get behind!

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