Charge Card For iPhone

ChargeCard, a New Must-Have Accessory For Smartphones

Charge Card For iPhone

Smartphones are advanced in so many ways, but in the battery-life department, our modern devices fail when we need them most. Mobile power users are forced to lug bulky backup wherever they go. That's where ChargeCard comes in.

The credit-card-sized tech accessory reimagines easily tangled smartphone cables into a flat, supercompact form. ChargeCard began as a Kickstarter project and raised triple its pledge goal in August 2012. The affordable charging "cables" ($25 each) for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Android are now available online and shipping worldwide.

We replaced our standard white 30-pin connector cables with the ChargeCard for a week, and now our wallets won't leave the house without it. Click on to find out how ChargeCard works and why it's our new must-have smartphone accessory for mobile mavens.