There's an old episode of Seinfeld where Elaine meets Bizarro Jerry, George, and Kramer, and Bizarro Kramer suggests a great idea to Elaine: An alarm clock that tells you the weather. Every time I see that episode, I agree, it's a great idea. Well, then how have I managed to survive so long without Chumby? Chumby is the smartest alarm clock I've ever seen — it connects to the Chumby network over your WiFi, and wakes you up with a stream of the weather, your music, and your RSS feeds — everything you need to know before you get out of bed. I for one think it would look perfect on my bedside table.

It beats chasing a Clocky around the room (the idea of which totally stresses me out, by the way) and it's also way better than my current method of waking, which consists of trying to top how many times I hit the snooze button the morning before. It's $180, which I think is a pretty fair price for a genius little mini computer that lives to get you movin'.