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Colorful UV Reading Cell Phone Charms

We all know that limiting our time in the sunshine will protect us from exposure to harmful UV rays. But did you know there's a product that attaches to your cell phone and will tell you how strong the UV index is?

Featured on Gizmodo and Techie Diva, these direct from Japan cell phone charms start out being white and will change color as they absorb radiation from the sunlight.

The base price is $6 and will increase depending on how many beads you add. You can also bling it up with an extra Swarovski crystal gemstone. I think for now I'll stick with my old geeky UV-indicating system, which is watching my face turn various shades of pink and red and reapplying sunscreen obsessively. I guess this cell phone charm makes its debut at the perfect time, since May is Skin Cancer Awareness month.





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