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16 Agonizing Struggles Every Comic-Con Attendee Faces

Jul 26 2014 - 6:35am
Source: Getty / Sandy Huffaker [1]

The fandemonium of Comic-Con [2] is officially under way in San Diego. While there are so many panels we're looking forward to (*cough* Agents of Shield [3]), there are some very real struggles every one of the 130,000+ attendees [4] have faced with crowds of that size and a schedule of can't-miss panels [5].

Here, a nonexhaustive account of the Comic-Con struggles every one of the 130,000 fans in San Diego knows all too well.

  1. Waiting in line for Hall H panels.
  2. Waiting in any line. Lines for panels, lines to buy collectibles, lines for the bathroom, lines for water.
  3. Having to carry three (heavy!) bags worth of Comic-Con collectibles from the Convention Center back to your hotel.
  4. Wondering if the poster tube you brought will hold all the prints you want to buy.
  5. The unfortunate reality of walking the showroom floor in a costume you're not comfortable in.
  6. Being faced with the sweat that will build under your heavy costume in the Summer sun.
  7. Hopelessly asking everyone in the bathroom if they have a band-aid during a wardrobe malfunction/crisis.
  8. Knowing that the first time Benedict Cumberbatch appears at Comic-Con [6] is for the Penguins of Madagascar [7], not Sherlock [8] or even The Hobbit [9].
  9. Source: Getty [10] / Chelsea Lauren

  10. Trying to fit everyone in the perfect selfie.
  11. Being jealous of how adorable every little kid looks in their costume, compared to your identical adult-sized costume.
  12. Not being able to walk more than three feet at a time without being stopped in your tracks by someone taking a photo of some epic cosplay [11].
  13. On that note, having to allow 5+ minutes to walk to something less than 50 feet away.
  14. Coming up with the perfect witty story to recount to a favorite sci-fi star when you're finally next in the autograph queue.
  15. Wishing you could get your entire family to dress in matching cosplay [12] just like that really cute group across the street.
  16. Maybe possibly seeing Jared Padelcki [13] walk down the street past you. That was him, right?
  17. Paying $30 for a pedicab that moves you five blocks.

Even then . . .

Source: BBC [14] via location-wonderland.tumblr.com

What Comic-Con struggles have you faced?

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