Sony unveiled their latest clock radio and boombox at a special “Holidays in July” event held in New York yesterday and while the concept for both devices isn't revolutionary, the designs are sleek and certainly nightstand worthy. Both models will let you listen to your iPod or MP3 player without headphones.

Designed to work with most iPod models, the ICF-C1iP clock radio accommodates standard iPod adapters, but does not require their use. An adjustable backstop mechanism ensures that the iPod fits snugly and securely to the clock radio's 30-pin connector. An included wireless remote control provides full access to the iPod's menu, as well as to radio tuning and volume functions. It can also charge your iPod while it's docked and you're sleeping.

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Just like the clock radio, the boombox works with most iPod models and charges the iPod when docked. It includes a built-in digital AM/FM tuner, an integrated CD player that supports CD-R/RW playback and a wireless remote control with full iPod menu access. The dock tray is retractable when not in use. The boombox also has an auxiliary input.

They will be available in August for about $100 at Sony Style stores, online at Sony Style and supports AC/DC operation.