Confession: I am a Cell Phone Rant Offender

Forgive me, geeksugar readers, for I have sinned. You see, I began the Cell Phone Rant Group as a means to call out the mobile phone rudeness of the world, and yesterday, I totally broke a commandment: Thou Shalt Not Talk on the Phone While at the Cashier.

When Cell Phone Rant Group contributor kiddylnd shared her cashier rant, I totally agreed. And I still agree! It was a booboo that I will try to never repeat. As kiddylnd says, you should give your full attention to a cashier, but hear me out! To read my confession, just read more.

I had just left the gym and had my iPhone earbuds in and was getting a rare quick chat from my normally busy sister. On my walk home, I spied a Walgreens and remembered I was fresh out of shampoo and conditioner, and this was the last Walgreens I could go to on my walk home.

Still talking to my sis, I seized the opportunity for clean hair and grabbed my supplies. When I got to the counter, instead of clicking off, I just tried to barely talk — my silly logic was that if I wasn't so obviously on the phone, it wasn't as bad and I wouldn't offend the cashier as much!

I know — excuses, excuses. Now that I have admitted my guilt, I hope I can be forgiven, and I hereby sentence myself to cell phone karma: I will not roll my eyes the next time someone divulges the dirty details of their last date on the bus.

Do you have any cell phone rant offenses to confess?