Control Clutter With Cord Management Products

My Favorite Cord Management Finds of 2009

Control Clutter With Cord Management Products

When I reached into my bag this morning to pull out my headphones, this is what I found. Granted, I was carrying two sets of headphones today (I accidentally brought my "office headphones" home with me last night), but somehow between my front door and my desk at the office, they turned into a tangled mess.

I'm a fan of cord management, though from the looks of my headphones this morning, I'm more of a fan in theory than in practice. In honor of my tangled earphones and my newly-created upcoming New Year's resolution to keep the cords under control, I've rounded up some of the best organizational goodies I found this year.

If you're not in the market for a new product, you can also check out the free solution I spotted last year.