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Cool Concept: Nikon 360 Degrees Digital Camera

Yesterday a bunch of you admitted you love playing around with fun and funky cameras like the colored Lomolitos cameras and the hilarious fisheye lens camera, so when I saw the concept for the Nikon 360 Degrees Digital Camera I knew I wouldn't be the only excited photographer around here. The idea is the camera can take an "unbroken view of an entire surrounding area," (ie panoramic shots).

With most cameras, getting a real panoramic shot means turning 360 degrees, to receive an unbroken view. Based on an ergonomic cylindrical form lens, the Nikon 360 allows you take an all-round picture. It has an angle indicator that provides a gauge on the direction of the rotating head and is also an additional detail to provide the camera with a stronger and steadier feel while in operation. What do you think of the idea?





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