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Breathtaking Videos That Prove the Drones Are Taking Over

Breathtaking Videos That Prove the Drones Are Taking Over

As retailers consider unmanned airborne vehicle deliveries when next-day shipping just isn't fast enough, the world of noncommercial private drones continues to fly under the FAA's regulatory radar — for now. While the government works on regulations of unmanned aircraft, enthusiasts continue to enjoy taking their drones (remotely) in the air.

Take note, wannabe aerial photographers — if you plan on working in the US, you'll need FAA approval for the use of that drone. Currently only recreational use of drones flying at low altitudes doesn't need to be signed off on by aviation officials.

While hobbyist drone fliers continue to explore the airspace around them, we gathered footage from drones around the world (some of which were used commercially) that — beyond being totally stunning — has given us a major case of wanderlust. Scroll on for a view of the volcanoes of Iceland, the San Francisco Bay fog, the African plains, and more from a completely mind-boggling perspective.

Source: Vimeo user et alors productions