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Coolest Portable Digital Video Player In the World?

I know people often expect the "best" gadget in a category to be universal, however it seems each country's portable player tastes are as unique as their native cuisine.

This month's WWD Magazine featured a fun insert with a list of the coolest portable digital players from around the world. Italians pick the Zen Vision M by Creative as the coolest portable player.

The Zen Vision, $374, has long played second or third string to the iPod and other portables in the US, but apparently, Italians love the player's 2.5-inch high res LCD screen and the freedom to download videos and music in various formats.

Japan picked the Phillips PET725/44, Australia goes ga-ga for the fifth generation iPod, Brazil likes the Philips PET725/44, Japan loves the Sony DVP-FX810 and the US apparently adores the Panasonic DVD LS 91. To each his own, right?





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