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9 Crazy PS4 Fans Who Can't Control Their Fandom

Nov 15 2013 - 11:52am

Stop everything because PlayStation turns 20 today. If you're a gaming fan, you know how important this is, and you were probably just as excited when the PlayStation 4 [1] came out last year. As proof that PlayStation can make sane people do crazy ridiculous things, we've proudly present 9 folks who just can't control their fandom. Get ready for some amazingness.

The Guy Who Started His Day With PS4 Pancakes

My wife made me some #PS4 [2] pancakes for Launch Day! @yosp [3] @GameOverGreggy [4] pic.twitter.com/eNUtT3xB2K [5]

— Cody Anderson (@aznboy1der) November 15, 2013 [6]

The Woman Who Ruined Painted Her Baby Bump With PS4 Control Signs

Source: Instagram user _monicavargas_ [7]

More PS4 fanatics this way!

Dallas Cowboys Receiver Dez Bryant Who Walked Into Walmart and Bought Everyone in Line a PS4

Respect @DezBryant [8] !! But we don't hear about positive stories like this about him or other media proclaimed "divas" pic.twitter.com/U5vCtU2QQ4 [9]

— Brandon (@bc4_bc) November 15, 2013 [10]

Joey, the First Person to Buy the PS4, Who Made Fans Everywhere Crazy Jealous

First #PS4 [11] in the world just went to this dude, Joey! Stay warm in line tonight, you crazy console kids! pic.twitter.com/oF1iR3WZAG [12]

— POPSUGAR Tech (@POPSUGARTech) November 15, 2013 [13]

The Guy Who Got Sucked Into a PS4 Black Hole With Monster Drinks and Tacos

Almost go time! Just waiting on ups. #ps4 [14] pic.twitter.com/Ro3RzXN2p3 [15]

— mike ernst (@MERNST313) November 15, 2013 [16]

The Guy Who Literally Licked His PS4 Box

It's mine!!! #ps4 [17] #GreatnessAwaits [18] @Naughty_Dog [19] @PlayStation [20] pic.twitter.com/WTt2Cmy6DN [21]

— Keith (@KeithGuerrette) November 15, 2013 [22]

The Kids Who Had a Jug of Water Delivered to Them While They Waited For the Midnight Launch

The Guy Who Made His Own "Reserved" Sign For His PS4

Source: Instagram user thakid684 [23]

The Guy Who Put a Seatbelt Around His PS4 and Talked to It, Saying, "Just Hold on, We're Goin' Home"

Source: Instagram user f_ck_what_your_feeling [24]

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