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Macworld 2008: Would You Tattoo Your Tech?

Jan 18 2008 - 9:00am

We've all seen engravings [1] on iPods [2] and laptops, but I don't think I've seen them look quite so tattoo-like as I did at ETCHamac's [3] booth at Macworld. ETCHamac does custom engraving exclusively for Apple [4] products (which you can now purchase new from their website and choose a design), and is newly engraving iPhones [5] as well. I would definitely have a hard time choosing a design to tattoo on my body [6], but maybe it could be a low-commitment substitute to put it on my laptop instead?! Then again, Apple's products are so well-designed that I would have a hard time messing up their pristine surfaces. Have any of you engraved your gadgets, or would you?

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