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25 Ways to DIY a Killer Phone Case

Jan 15 2016 - 9:45am

It's true: a really great phone case [1] is one of life's greatest little joys. But instead of buying a new one every so often, consider a DIY [2] for your own case creation. From the supersimple to the more elaborate, check out 25 ideas to get you started. It's time to show off!

Source: Etsy user PencilShavingsStudio [3]

Scotch Duct Tape

Check out the full video tutorial [4].

Source: Vimeo user Amanda Holstein [5]

Free Printable Templates

Download your own [6] here!

Source: See That There [7]

Jewelry Charms

Source: Etsy user Lovecase [8]

Magazine Cutouts

Source: Instagram user anastasiawillis [9]

Studs and Washi Tape

This tutorial [10] is surprisingly easy, and the results are fabulous.

Source: Stitches and Maps [11]


Buy a DIY [12] cross-stitch case here [13] and here [14].

Source: Etsy user skrynka [15]


Try this tutorial [16] for inspiration.

Source: Etsy user AWAYSAWAY [17]

Scrapbook Flowers

Source: Instagram user yayadidirara [18]

Vintage Maps

Source: Instagram user b_ethanyjane [19]


Try your hand at these instructions [20].

Source: Etsy user PopDecor [21]

Burlap + Scrapbook Letters + Clear Cases

Source: Instagram user eeeshabuti [22]

Watercolor Cutouts

Source: Instagram user lalortahles [23]

Word Printables

Source: Etsy user PencilShavingsStudio [24]

Washi Tape and Lace

Source: Instagram user maki_53 [25]

Drip Paint and Scrapbook Letters

Source: Instagram user diy_stunshop [26]

Faux Pearls

Source: Instagram user necija_maza [27]


Get the full tutorial here [28].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff


Source: Instagram user chloe_emily [29]

'90s Stickers

Source: Instagram user stickto [30]

Nail Polish

Source: Instagram user xcnh [31]


How's this [32] for a tutorial?

Source: Instagram user verymel [33]


Source: Instagram user rindaschwartzie [34]


Source: Instagram user taylapine [35]


Buy your own kit [36].

Source: Connect Design [37]

Your Favorite Picture

Get help from this tutorial [38].

Source: Intagram user tarajeanne [39]

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