The DLO Jam Jacket For Your iPod

Yes, I'm afraid it's true, I am one of those iPod cord abusers who wraps her earphone cord entirely around her iPod when it's not in use. Okay, maybe I should seriously consider getting myself a pair of Sony's cute retractable headphones but for now i'll stick with my Apple buds. Detangling cords is not my idea of fun, but up until now I thought that this was my only cord storage option for my earphones! Check out this, the new Jam Jacket with cord management by DLO is a silicone case that will provide iPod and click wheel protection as well as tightly hold your earphone cords in place.

Whenever you want to listen to your tunes, all you need to do is unwind as much cord as you need, then latch it in the side notch and all the excess cord will stay wrapped up. The DLO Jam Jacket is $20 and available for both 30GB video iPods and second generation iPod nanos.

DLO Jam Jacket 1

DLO Jam Jacket 2


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