DODOcase For Kindle Fire

DODOcase For Kindle Fire First Impressions

DODOcase For Kindle Fire

When I received the Kindle Fire DODOcase last week, I was immediately taken by its distinct woodsy odor, almost like old books. It was quite enjoyable. But more than just the initial smell, the Kindle Fire DODOcase is practically perfect in every way — it's a notebook-style case that looks just like a Moleskine and folds back for standing your tablet upright, it's lightweight and easily portable, and better yet it fits the Kindle Fire to a T.

The padded edges make for a perfect and secure fit without blocking the speakers so you can still get a full sound when watching videos and movies. What's more, the cutout on the bottom helps to keep you from accidentally turning your Kindle Fire off. That power button sure is in an awkward position, isn't it?

All in all, my first impressions are totally positive. The DODOcase for Kindle Fire is worth the $45 purchase and would make a great holiday gift! Want to get a closer look? Check out our pics in the gallery.


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