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Dahlia's Lipstick Jungle iPhone Case

Dahlia's Lipstick Jungle iPhone Case

iPhone spotting is my favorite Wednesday night sport when I'm watching Lipstick Jungle. Even though the gadget situation started off rocky at the beginning of the first season, it now appears that all the characters went on one big shopping trip to Apple to buy iPhones (first-gen ones though, maybe they got them on Craigslist?)

Since I love the way these girls dress and accessorize, I'd like to see them sporting some chic laptop bags and phone cases, but I am pleased to see that Dahlia (played by the fabulous Rosie Perez), Victory's new publicist, has a silicone case on her iPhone. I thought it was clear at first, but now I'm pretty sure it's smoke, like this one from Overstock. These aren't too fancy, but they're inexpensive, easy protection — this one is only $6. Yay to recessionistas!

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