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Daybed: Workstation Of The Future

I was unable to attend ICFF 2007 last month, but my top secret spy was sweet enough to sneak a peek at the Humanscale Design Studio's prototype for its new chaise lounge workstation. It's geek, it's chic and sadly, we can't get our mittens on it yet.

The piece was designed to marry a modern lounge chair and ottoman with an ergonomically designed laptop computer support. The result, which is tentatively being called the "Daybed," is a sleek and simple workstation that's easy on the body and the eyes. It can be adjusted to suit any user - whether it's being used as a laptop desk, a full time work station or a coffee table.

According to the designers, Daybed’s high back curves around the user’s head to provide neck support and privacy, while built-in speakers positioned at ear height may be connected to a laptop computer or other peripheral device. While reclined, the backrest also supports the elbows, reducing stress in the arms and shoulders. For additional images, read more



Daybed’s laptop tray is adjustable in both height and angle for a healthy, ergonomic work position. It has an integrated power strip, port replicator, and cable storage area, which are strategically positioned beneath a flip-up mousing surface on one side of the tray, while an extendable document tray may be slid out, as needed, from the other side. Essentially, the Daybed has more integrated power features than the Broberg and Ridderstrale's Electric Table and is about 9 bajillion times more chic than the iMedia chair. We already know that overheating laptops can cause fertility problems in men - not to mention the potential to burn your legs and cause damage to your computer- so I suspect more and more people will be in the market for ergonomic media tables that keep their laptops off their laps in the near future. Here's hoping this concept makes it onto the market.


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