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11 People Who Totally Regret Their Decisions

Aug 8 2014 - 4:39am

You know what sucks? Regret. It sucks for the people who make terrible decisions. But! It's a beautiful thing for the rest of us who get a laugh at their expense. This is "regrettable decisions" tech edition — from tweets to Facebook posts to texts gone wrong, consider this a lesson in what not to do.

Source: Reddit user whatsup280 via Imgur [1]

Lil Marco

This Genius

The Dog Whisperer

This Confused Human

The Person Who Taught Their 9-Year-Old Nephew How to Text

The Person Who Became Haunted by the Tamagotchi App

The Guy Who Deserves All Those Notifications

The Ch-Ch-Cheater

This Sucker

The Teacher Who Thought It Was Smart to Give Their Phone Number to Students

This Know-It-All

Lesson = Learned

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