Designer Nook Cases

You Asked, We Answered: Help Me Find a Stylish Nook Case!

Designer Nook Cases

I get asked a lot of questions at home, at the office, and even on social networking sites about gadgets and their accessories. Never one to turn down an opportunity to live vicariously through your purchases, I was asked by a fellow Nook fan via Twitter to help her find a high-end case. The inspiration: the Kate Spade Jane Street Cover ($125, left) available through Barnes & Noble. The folder-style cover was just what she wanted, but the colors screamed a little too loudly for her particular taste. Although designers haven't yet jumped on the Nook train like they have for the Kindle (case in point: the DVF Kindle cases we saw last week!), I found some stylish alternatives that look just as great. See what I came up with in this slideshow, and don't be afraid to ask for help with shopping, tips, or instructions in our community, or send us a note on Twitter or Facebook!


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