Diana+ Digital Camera Lens and Adapter Review

The Diana+ For Digital: First Impressions and Sample Pics!

Diana+ Digital Camera Lens and Adapter Review

Photojojo was kind enough to send me the plastic Diana+ lens and digital adapter ($60) last week, allowing me to ditch the film while still getting that lo-fi feel to my images. Coming with three distance settings (1-2m, 2-4m, and Infinity), the Diana+ lens is a fun addition to your digital lens arsenal. Good news, plastic camera fans: if you already have a Diana+ lens, you can get the adapter for just $15.

Snapping on the lens is a breeze — just attach the adapter to your Canon or Nikon DSLR, then twist the lens on to the adapter and away you go. I found that the Diana+ works best when shooting in natural light outside, as opposed to indoors, and capturing pops of color. If you do grab this lens for your digital, don't bother trying to get close-up and macro images; that's not what this lens is for. It definitely creates a dreamy ambiance for your pics, so strap it on next time you're at the park with your friends, watching a parade, or taking a walk around town.

Want to see a few unretouched sample images? Click through the gallery!